Sunday, June 17, 2012

The Great Makeup Bag Detox - Part II

Normally this would be in the road test but since I promised that I would post my natural makeup findings if I found anything worthwhile so here goes.  I am still looking for a great lipstick so I'm taking suggestions.  Cheaper would be better. 

Creme and Pressed Powder Concealers and Foundations:

Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques Creme and Pressed Powder Foundations (Skindeep: 0-2): The creme foundation is my favorite thus far.  A little goes a long way and although it's pricy, you get a lot. The pressed powder is a nice touch since it is a mineral makeup (see makeup bag detox part I) and you won't be stirring up a makeup cloud.  Plus they smell like raspberries due to certified organic raspberry extract. You can order some sample packs before you make the commitment, which is always nice. 

Honeybee Gardens Pressed Mineral Powder Foundation (Skindeep: 2): For powders, I do like this one best.  And of all those I've tried, it has the nicest pricetag.  I even got a discount when purchased through Lucky Vitamin. 
Korres Quercetin & Oak Antiageing / Antiwrinkle Concealer (Skindeep: N/A): Korres products rank from 0-8 on Skindeep.  I did a build my own report on this one and it came up as a 1, however, there are more than 5 unidentified ingredients, such as pentaerytrityl tetra-di-t-butyl, which just sounds scary, so it is NOT an accurate rating.  If it didn't have the questionable ingredients, it's a pretty good one. You have to blot though as smudging or using a brush messes with the consistency and has a tendency to goop up in your eye wrinkles (if you have them).

Mineral Fusion Dual Concealer (Skindeep: 2): I found this one at Whole Foods.  The top shade of "Neutral" worked perfectly for me, but not the bottom shade.  So it didn't last long.  And with the hefty price tag for half a container, I find it's not worth it.  Otherwise it worked nicely with a brush and was a pretty good find.


Korres Eyeliner Pencil (Skindeep: 2): So far this one is my favorite.  Nice rich color and no smudging but a bit pricy, so I'm using this one and the one below.

Honeybee Gardens Eye Liner (Skindeep: 1): The Belgian Chocolate has a nice rich color but is a bit soft and can get smudgy, especially in the summer.  It does, as all Honeybee Gardens products, have a great price tag, so a few q-tips in my bag to clean up smudges, makes it worth it.


Everyday Minerals Eye Shadow (Skindeep lists 2 colors at a 2.): I'm not sure why, but I received these mineral eye shadows in a roll-on form instead of a powder that you have to mix. I am not sure if it is always this way because they came in a free gift pack.  No dust cloud, which I think is pretty awesome.  You can roll on a little then fix up with a brush.  Great price and nice colors.


I'm still looking for a great mascara that is not too expensive.  I've heard wonderful things about all Miessence Products (deodorant, toothpaste) but at $24, I'm hesitant to try it.  Especially since I feel as though I've already broken the bank on samples and everything you see here now. 

Honeybee Gardens Truly Natural Mascara is the one I'm using now.  It has a low rating of 2, but does contain phenoxyethanol, which is not my favorite chemical right now. (See "Detoxing my makeup bag...")

That's it.  I do have some Honeybee Gardens nail polish and I'd like to take it with me to the nail salon to see if they wouldn't mind using it.  If not, I'll try it out at some point and write up a review in road test!

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