It all started with laundry detergent…

In the past few months, my obsession with living a toxin-free life has massively grown.  Maybe it's because the internet has given me so many resources but mostly because I'm a new mom and like all new moms, I want the best possible start in life for my little one.

Now for starters, I need to point out that I’m not an expert, a chemist, a scientist of any kind.  What I am is a mom who has done quite a bit of research and who can provide you with the resources to make your own informed decisions.

Now… who is Pat Kramer?

My name is Pam, not Pat; however, this blog is dedicated to a fictional character known as Pat Kramer.  You may know her as "The Incredible Shrinking woman." A woman exposed to ordinary household chemicals that begins to physically shrink as a result of this contamination. A movie released in 1981. 

In this blog, I will post things I've learned, resources, road tests of certain products and maybe even a recipe or two; as well as helpful hints on how to de-tox your home.  I’ll also be referencing the Environmental Working Group’s Skindeep product ratings. For more information, go to www.ewg.org/skindeep.

If you enjoy reading and or have anything to add, please let me know.  I appreciate the feedback. 



  1. Hi Pam! I really enjoy your blog- it seems we are passionate about living a non-toxic lifestyle! I'm familiar with a lot of the sites you recommend and I also have a blog/website where I discuss similar issues. I'm a photographer & use it for my business, but also to share what I've learned about non-toxic living! Feel free to visit it at www.tierneycyanne.com and I really look forward to reading more & following you! It's so inspiring to see others choosing to live differently :)

  2. Thanks again! Happy to see that people are reading and expressing the same interests. There is so much literature on the internet but I like being able to consolidate all my thoughts in one place and have a one-stop place for my friends and acquaintances to go when wondering about the products in their home. The chemical industry is so vast and so scary. Looking forward to checking our your website.