Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Toxic Stroller Part III... Non-Toxic Stroller

I'm happy to say that of all the companies that I have contacted, I have confirmation that Maclaren does not use flame retardants on its strollers.  So we have purchased one and are expecting it tomorrow.  I've been kicking myself wishing I had bought one in the first place.  There are many factors to consider when buying a stroller.  Weight, height, usefulness of storage basket, canopy size, maneuverability, fold-ability, affordability, recline, comfort etc. The reasons why I didn't purchase a Maclaren at first are as follows:

1. Massive recalls in the past few years (problem now resolved)
2. Everybody has one, I mean everyone!  They are all over this city.  And sue me, I wanted to be different.
3. No stand upright position when folded - seriously - I am so over that.
4. I had NO idea about toxins in baby products when I purchased our first stroller.
5. I wanted something NOT made in China and went for a European brand that I had very high expectations for and had many outstanding reviews.  The one we chose fit our needs at the time and still does to an extent - it is just not holding up well and well, I'm tired of these damn flame retardants. 
6. I had heard that they didn't have great customer service, but I disagree, considering that they got back to me via email in less than 24 hours... that is really good customer service IMHO.

Many stroller reviews I have read, and believe me, I have read a lot of them state "Just go with the Maclaren."  And I have to say, that I am finally on board with that.  Now let's hope it lives up to its expectations.  

The Maclaren comes with a rain cover, which could be another plus, but they do use PVC.  So in addition to our new wheels, I also purchased a PVC free rain cover from Bumbleride.  It's a little on the expensive side but so was the first one we bought for our old stroller that was not only PVC, it also ripped. Hopefully this one will fit! 

For more info on Maclaren and their CSR, please click here!

Disclaimer:  I don't work for Maclaren, nor have any affiliation with them whatsoever.  I'm just pleased with the information I have received about the company and about their products so far.  Especially considering what I have learned about other baby products that are available in the United States. 


  1. Thanks for the post! I just purchased a Maclaren brand stroller for my first baby and am waiting for it (and the baby!) to arrive. I chose Maclaren primarily because of the "non-toxic" factor. I didn't contact the company directly (props to you!) but found enough evidence through several internet research sessions that Maclaren was superior to other brands.

  2. That's great. Happy to help. We are in the market for one ourselves. Our own toxic stroller, which our boy loves of course is falling to pieces. Hopefully this spring, we can convince him to get a new one!

    Congrats on your upcoming baby!!

  3. Is Maclaren still the leading non toxic brand?

    Torn between them and Mountain Buggy