Sunday, August 12, 2012

My Summertime Favs

Well I promised a write up on all the new fun stuff we've been trying out and though these are not all specifically summer related, we just happened to be giving them a try this season.

For the Baby...
My favorite eco-friendly diaper (with the exception of the 2 cloth swim diapers we own) would have to be the Honest Company's.  I had a sample and loved them.  But we won't subscribe because they are really pricy, even with the wipes.

The runner up is Nature Babycare.  They are so soft and cloth-like and provide more coverage than the 7th Gen dipes, however there were 2 flaws in the package we purchased. 1-The cloth-like material tore easily and 2-Several of the diapers were missing the enclosure tab across the front.  We did receive a new package from Nature Babycare, so good Customer Service there but I'm wary of subscribing to them because of this may be a problem in the future.  They are chlorine free, use NO plastics or perfumes and they also have a cute leaf pattern on them.

And finally, 7th Gen.  Not my favorite as far as material feel but they work well.  They give our little guy "saggy butt" though.  But they work and are the most cost effective.  I'm not fond of the fake tan color or the Lorax but am living with it.

Our recent favorite diaper cream is Eco-Store USA's Baby Nappy Balm.  This stuff is amazing - we buy 2 at a time, one for home, one for the diaper bag.  It's a combination of natural oils and zinc with no preservatives.  We buy direct from the store, where it is much cheaper.  Heals diaper rash in day without the addition of nasty chemicals.

In the world of sunscreens, we are still loving Elemental Herbs for Kids.  It's not greasy or powdery and works great.   I have yet to try fan favorite Badger, but that is only because I shy away from anything that needs to be really rubbed in, it's hard enough getting anything on our squirmy 16 month old.

For the Mama...
I am in love with Zoya's nail polish in Wednesday.  It is almost a greenest turquoise - my hubby calls it "institutional green."  But I really like it.  Plus it goes on nice and looks professional.  It is free of the Toxic Trio and other contaminants.  And it has yet to chip 2 weeks in!  I'm excited to try more of their colors but for now, I really like rocking the green!

For the Daddy...
I think my husband's quest for a natural deodorant that works for him was settled when he found the Rock Spray for men.   It's the Crystal Rock's normal spray deodorant with a mix of "natural" blends to give them a more manly fragrance.  And it really works.  He likes it, I like it.

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