Friday, May 18, 2012

Consumers Fight Back Against Hidden Toxins

Consumers are mad.  They want to keep using your products... but they want them to be just as safe as they are effective!

My mother sent me this link the other day to Women's Voices For The Earth.  Here is a quick guide to toxins found in your everyday commercial products - ingredients NOT found on product labels.  Along with the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, they want our help to take action! 

And most of all, we don't want to be lied to.  There is a reason why these chemicals are hidden.  Because a quick internet search is going to tell us what these companies do not want us to know.   That these products are harming us.  

Recently I held a talk at a local mom and baby store about keeping your baby free of toxins.  A lot of what was discussed will eventually show up here, but my #1 topic was KNOW YOUR INGREDIENTS.  Something that is becoming harder when companies know how to hide them.  But this should not discourage from always reading your ingredients and getting to know them.

I for one have fallen trap to the words "natural" and "organic" on labels and as it turns out, my "natural" deodorant wasn't so natural at all.  Yes, it may have been paraben and aluminum free, it may have contained "natural" ingredients but that did not mean it didn't also contain a bunch of nasty stuff as well.  Unfortunately,  the words "organic"  and "natural" are not regulated. So what can you do?  For one, always look for the USDA organic approved seal. 

And watch out for labels containing "made with" or "contains."  Familiarize yourself with safe products and if in doubt, check up on them yourself by calling the company.  I for one have great respect for companies that answer your questions directly rather than giving you a bunch of talk about how their products meet all safety requirements, blah, blah, blah.

For further information on the topic...

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